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Onomatopeya Maya CJ010

The intention of this CD is to bring to a close the most powerful and amazing year I have ever experienced, 2012. So many ideas and expressions could be assembled to describe it, it really is "Ineffable" so I will let the music do that for me. So what's in store for 2013 and beyond? This is it... The END and the BEGINNING.... We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be! Create, Explore and Have Fun.



$20 CDN
(shipping inc.)
Time Accelerated CJ009

This CD is intended to help integrate the energy needed for the shift which started on March 9th 2011 to help us move forward, stay grounded and make positive decisions to enjoy this shift and not FEAR it!



$20 CDN
(shipping inc.)
Journey Through The Solar System CJJTSS08
Journey Through The Solar System

The recording of this CD is a special musical performance to take the listener on a magical journey through our solar system with singing quartz crystal bowls, Paiste Planet gongs and Vibraphone. Find out more about the Paiste Planet Gongs here. Planet Gongs are tuned to the natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Earth, Moon, Sun and Planets.

This 4 track CD will take you to the outer reaches of our solar system and back.



$20 CDN
(shipping inc.)
Blue Star CJBS07
Blue Star

The recording of this CD is a special musical Journey to bring awareness to the current and forth coming environmental situation we are now facing on the Planet. The intention is to create healing and restore balance to our precious eco system.



$20 CDN
(shipping inc.)
The Sacred Journey Home CJSJH06
The Sacred Journey Home

Seven tracks take you on a sound journey through the struggles and triumphs of the Tibetan people.

This recording is perfect for relaxation, meditations, Yoga classes, Massage therapy, Reiki, and other energy and body work sessions.



 $20 CDN
(shipping inc.)
Echoes Of Atlantis DHATLANT08
Echoes Of Atlantis

A one-track live recording of a composition using over thirty various Crystal Bowls.

This recording is perfect for relaxation, meditations, Yoga classes, Massage therapy, Reiki, and other energy and body work sessions.

Now with expanded liner notes in a new Digi-Pak style.



 $20 CDN
(shipping inc.)
Crystal Journey DHCRYSTAL05
Crystal Journey

This recording uses a collection of over twenty crystal bowls and four Tibetan bowls. This album consists of four tracks of varying lengths creating a soothing and meditative atmosphere.



$20 CDN
(shipping inc.)